Madina Lake

30th May

Doors: 19:00 - 23:00


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MADINA LAKE + guests

Madina Lake is an isolated settlement, unknowingly, co-existing with the world that we share. It’s buried in a valley, enclosed by mountains, thick forests and a winding river that prohibits the townspeople from pushing its boundary. The landscape is stunning. There’s a metaphysical element to this place that is widely shunned by the people, as they’ve grown very complacent in recent decades. The general character construct is typical of american mainstream culture today. The townspeople are regaled with archetypal celebrity, to the debilitating point of obsession. It’s generally a crime free, place, but as its value system erodes, an undercurrent of tension is mounting. This culminates in the alleged murder of socialite “adalia” World War III reveals the secrets behind this disappearance and comes to a shocking and controversial conclusion.

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