Sound Control is a 3 floor venue, featuring a 500 capacity basement club, which double up as a 300 capacity live room, a ground floor bar and on the second floor we have a 450 capacity live music room, complete with bar and dressing room. We also run clubnights over all 3 floors, for 1100 of you!

The building is steeped in musical history. Born on Chapel St. as All Repairs, it then became A1 Music, followed by Academy of Sound and later Sound Control.

During the early nineties A1 was the place to buy your gear from – a “proper” music shop staffed by muso’s. Wandering round during the week you were as likely to bump into the likes of Johnny Marr, Noel Gallagher, Barny Sumner, Tim Booth, or even Gary Barlow.

Most famously the venue played a crucial role in the story of the Stone Roses; the man famously referred to as ‘ten Keith Moon’s in one’ , Reni joined in May 1984 after reading an advertisement the band had placed in – as it was then known – A1 Music.

The story goes he ripped it off the wall in order to make sure he was the only one who would get an audition. He was and it took place in Decibel Studios to the north of the city centre. The rest as they say is history.

It’s progression seems a fitting one; The place to fix instruments and then the place to buy instruments, is now the place to play! Sound Control opened it’s doors as a venue in Jan 2010 and has already garnered a reputation for being one of the best in Manchester in no small part down to the Alcons sound rig and the acoustics of the live rooms.